• Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream: Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor post training videos ahead of August fight

    Ice Cube had officially saved the field for a ball McGregor  vs Mayweather occasion on an indistinguishable night from Mayweather and McGregor's meeting and at first seemed hesitant to reschedule his booking.Floyd Mayweather's battle against Conor McGregor in August is set to break the majority of boxing's film industry records. 

    Event: McGregor  vs Mayweather

    Date: 26 August

    Place: T Mobile Arina, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


    Beoadcasting: https://mayweathervsmcgregor.livestreamhdq.com 

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    Handbags well into nine figures are guaranteed for both warriors in spite of McGregor having no past involvement in the game. Here we take a gander at how the two warriors measure up - including a portion of the key insights around the fight.Mayweather has an undefeated expert battle record of 49-0 with 26 knockouts. 

    He is generally viewed as one of the best protective contenders ever, and prides himself on his capacity to avoid discipline with his adroit development about the ring while at the same time making changes against adversaries on the fly. A win for 40-year-old Mayweather would propel him of previous heavyweight awesome Rocky Marciano, who likewise resigned with an impeccable 49-0 profession record. His enormous battle with Manny Pacquiao in 2015 has driven Mayweather's total assets to around €350million, around £271million, as indicated by Forbes not long ago. Both he and McGregor are relied upon to procure nine-figure aggregates for this battle, with Mayweather purportedly in line for a $400million pay day. Mayweather is a welterweight - 150lb, or 69kg - and stands 5ft 8in tall.McGregor's MMA battle record remains at 24 sessions, 21 wins and three thrashings - 18 of those triumphs have come by means of knockout. The 28-year-old's latest annihilation was against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in March a year ago, however the Irishman vanquished him in a rematch at UFC 202.Neither contender is modest with regards to the internet diversion, with McGregor gloating 4.5m Twitter supporters and a gigantic 15.8m Instagram clients following Mayweather. 

    The unbeaten American posted a video of himself in which it is clear he has lost nothing of his trademark hand speed, while McGregor was recorded working the sack as he sets himself up for the change from MMA to boxing.A fairly humble Mayweather composed on his post: "I know I'm not a similar warrior I was 20 years back, I'm not a similar contender I was 10 years prior...  McGregor  vs Mayweather Live Stream


    "Indeed, I'm not a similar warrior I was 5 years prior, I'm only an old legend putting in work in 16oz gloves." In a takeoff from his own particular reckless identity, McGregor was comparatively clear, written work essentially: "You've never observed these moves. Talking about the session, incalculable savants have asserted that McGregor has thin to no way against the undefeated Mayweather with HBO's Max Kellerman declining to try and engage the likelihood of the Irishman finding a fortunate punch. 

    Albeit many have disagreed with the unimaginable level of conviction in Kellerman's remarks, you nearly need to cheer the intellectual for being so firm in his perspective and declining to sit going back and forth. With many now examining film of the two contenders attempting to discover crevices that could be abused, an extraordinary video highlighting the protective virtuoso of Floyd Mayweather has surfaced on the web. 

    Going up against Canelo Alvarez in September of 2013, Floyd Mayweather made his reality class adversary look so walker that reporters wondered about the distinction in class between the two combatants.Swinging uncontrollably for his rival, Alvarez more than once discovered thin air as Mayweather's stunning guarded mindfulness reliably left the Mexican missing by millimetres.With the Irishman's speed prone to appear to be unimportant in contrast with that of Canelo Alvarez, the above film positively would leave even the most staunch McGregor fan considering how the UFC champion can end up as the winner on August 26th. In the course of recent decades, not very many have arrived on Mayweather with any genuine noteworthiness and, given the above film, it's difficult to envision Conor McGregor being the distinction maker.Dana White, the UFC president, has guaranteed that Conor McGregor will turn into the 'greatest competitor on the planet' on the off chance that he thumps out Floyd Mayweather in the not so distant future. McGregor and Mayweather will meet in Las Vegas on 26 August after the combine struck an arrangement to organize the since quite a while ago touted coordinate not long ago. 

    Viewed by numerous as the finest boxer of his era, Mayweather is properly viewed as the mind-boggling most loved against McGregor, who has never boxed professionally.Yet regardless of the UFC lightweight champion's stamped inability, White is thinking about what may happen if McGregor upsets the chances and annihilations his unbeaten adversary. 

    Approached whether a triumph for McGregor would be the greatest stun in brandishing history, White told blended hand to hand fighting site MMAJunkie: "Ever. Reveal to me a greater bombshell. On the off chance that Conor McGregor thumps out Floyd Mayweather, reveal to me something greater. He'll be the greatest competitor on the f****** planet. It'll be total madness."White, in the mean time, stays in arrangements with previous NWA rapper Ice Cube over the utilization of the 20,000-limit T-Mobile Arena, the proposed setting for the battle. McGregor  vs Mayweather Live


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